Thursday, July 26, 2012

Daycare Search

Parenting is already stressful, and Edison is not born yet.  About a month ago, JR and I went on our daycare search for Edison.  Let's do the math.  About a month ago I was 6 months pregnant.  Which means,  there were 4 months left before Edison would be born and another 2 months before he actually starts daycare.  Why are we looking so early???  This is the norm apparently.  The daycare that we  actually decided on has a wait list and no available spots until February!  So looking 6 months ahead actually wasn't even early enough.  Therefore, the earlier the better :)

Every parent wants the best care for their child, but we also have to remember that every parent has to also pay for that childcare.  So let's amend the earlier sentence to  every parent wants the best affordable care for their child.

JR and I began with setting a parameter on how far we would go for a daycare.  Within the parameter we set, there are about 15 daycares.   So I started to research each one, and narrowed down the list to 8 daycares.  To be honest, the first thing i looked for at each daycare was the price.  Of course, none of the websites have prices!

The next day, we set out to see all 8 daycares.  I had questions and a notebook ready to critique each and every day care.  Of the 8 daycares we drove past 2 and decided to not go in purely based on the look of the building and the play ground.  JR and I didn't even have to discuss it.  We would just look at the building as were driving up, and then look at each other and keep going.

One daycare that we went in to looked decent on the outside, but was extremely sketchy on the inside.  I think we could have turned around and walked right out, if no one had seen us walk in. We took a tour and ended in the infant room.  It was nap time , therefore the lights were off.  One of the teachers was standing between two rooms with a baby in her arms and one in a rocker.  She was feeding the one in her arms and vigorously rocking the one on the floor with her foot.  She actually scared us! As a teacher, I naturally asked about a curriculum.  The response was "We do not have a curriculum for babies.  They just eat and sleep"  This sealed the deal that this was not the right place for Edison...well the deal was sealed with the scary teacher, the lack of lights, the smell of dirty diapers and lots of other things.

After daycare hunting for about 3 hours, we grabbed lunch and headed home to make a decision.  We decided on the same daycare that my niece and nephew attend.  They provide a great curriculum, lots of experienced teachers, diversity, safety, and many other things, including a discount for educators :)

The winner is The Goddard School for Early Childhood Development :)

Thanks for reading,
<3 Jenn

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  1. What awesome parents you are already. Miss you guys!!